How schema markup for products can improve my site?

Schema markup for your store products improves their appearance in Google. It helps you to add product prices, reviews, and other important information to search results, optimize your store for Google, fix Google Search Console issues, and boost your SEO. 

Here are the examples of before and after schema markup adding:

Further to this article, we will explain in detail how to configure the Schema options:

1. Install the app from Shopify App Store:

2.Check and fill in the necessary options:

Click the “Save options” button after that.

Product name, description, image, price, URL, availability, and condition will always be included in the Schema. 

SEO Schema for Products app adds the following info about your product to Google:

Name – the product title;
Image – the product featured image;
Description – the product description;
SKU – Stock Keeping Unit;
GTIN – Global Trade Item Number, you need this if you use barcodes;
Brand name – the name of your shop brand;
Review apps integration – for, Stamped, Ryviu;
Author name;
URL of the product;
Product price;
Product price currency;
Product Availability;
Product Condition;
Product Shipping Details (Read more beneath).

How to add Shipping Details to the schema markup for my site?

With “shippingDetails”, you can add information about the product shipping rate for different countries and regions, delivery, transit time, and beat your competitors.

For Shopify products, only this app can help you to add shipping details to Google (at this time):

For example, in this app you can add free shipping for the US, New York:

Soon, we also plan to add the ability to set delivery and transit time to the App.


Sofiia Astanina

Design Lead