Boost SEO easily: set schema markup

Schema markup helps you to optimize your products for Google search. If you add it to your site, you will make your products look better in the search, improve the SEO, and even raise your site’s position in search results!

Here is an example of a site with no schema markup in Google search:
And this is a site with schema markup:

Looks better, isn`t it?

Besides great appearance, you will also let the search engines know the following information about your product:

Brand name,
and much more…

Another important thing is setting the schema for all product variants. Most Shopify themes add the schema only for the first product variant, but this is not enough for good SEO.

Follow 3 simple steps to add schema markup for products: 

1. Install the Shopify application:

2. Check the schema options:

3. Add shipping details to improve the site’s schema and beat your competitors (Read more)


Sofiia Astanina

Design Lead