The most common UX mistakes in 2021-2022

UX/UI design made a huge step forward nowadays. We see a lot of interactive, beautiful, and complicated websites while surfing the Web. However, designers are so keen on new technologies and trends, that they often forget about basic, but very important usability issues. Here are the top UX things that we still need to take into account while designing:

  1. Comfortable scroll

Each website placed on awards resources uses custom scroll settings. A custom scroll animation looks smooth. On the other hand, it is extremely hard to adjust such a scroll so that none of the users feel dizzy while scrolling. This feature may upset people with a weak vestibular system. A custom scroll may also cause skipping some paragraphs due to its speed.

  1. Convenient menu

A hidden menu is a field for creativity and revealing designers’ fantasies. In addition to fantastic animated menu effects, it is still important to make the menu convenient and useful.

  1. Scroll animation speed

As we mentioned in the first clause, if you use animations on scroll, they must be adjusted precisely to not let your users feel dizzy.

  1. Color palette

The colors must be pleasant for the eyes, even if you use bright colors.

  1. Loading speed

The site mustn’t load for ages, even if you added a super creative preloader. Users will just close the website and choose another one.

And also the top-1 UI trends we doubt:

  1. Text lines, that have horizontal scroll animation

While the line is scrolling, a user has to make an effort to read it. This feature may be added only for text that doesn’t contain important information.

Be careful chasing trends 🙂