SEO Schema for Products FAQ

1. Why SEO Schema for Products needs to be installed in my store?

Schema markup allows you to improve the appearance of your product in Google search results. It allows you to add price, image, reviews, and other information to search results.

2. What type of Schema can I add to the store using the app?

This app adds only Schema markup for products. You can add the following fields:

Name (always included)

Image (always included)

Description (always included)



Brand name

Review apps integration

Author name

URL (always included)

Price (always included)

Price currency (always included)

Availability (always included)

Item Condition (always included, always NewCondition)

Shipping Details (Rate and Destination)

If the product has variants, the Schema markup will not be added for the variant that is not available.

3. How to add Schema to my store?

First of all, you need to install the app from Shopify App Store. Just click the “Add app” button:

After that, you need to configure the Schema options. Check and fill in the necessary options:

Click the “Save and add the code!” button after that.

Product name, description, image, price, URL, availability,condition will always be included in the Schema. If you don’t check/fill in any of the options, but click the “Save and add the code!” button, these fields will still be included.

Note: If you want to check the SKU or Barcodes option, these fields are needed to be filled in your product.

Note: If the “Input your Brand name” is filled, the Brand name will be added using this field regardless of whether the “Include Brand” checkbox is checked or unchecked.

This also works for the Author fields.

4. How to add Shipping Methods to my Schema?

If you want to add an extra information to your Schema, such as Shipping methods, you can add it in this section:

Use the following format:


Here are the format requirements:

Use only numbers for Price;

Use the following format for Country and Region/State:

US, UK, KZ (country codes separated by comma).

5. How to remove the Schema from the store?

If you want to remove the Schema code from the site, you need to click the “Remove the code from the site” button:

6. How to uninstall the app?

It is important to click the “Remove code from the site” button before the app uninstallation, otherwise, the Schema will remain on your site:

After that, you can uninstall the app in the Shopify Settings section as usual.

7. Will this app slow down my store?

Using the app will not affect the site speed and Google Page Speed results. 

8. How long does it take to see any change made with the app shown on Google search results?

The changes may take from a few days to a few weeks. This happens because Google bots need time to index a new site or page changes.

9. How to check if the Schema is added to the store?

You can check the result using this service: https://validator.schema.org/ 

Just paste your product URL and click “RUN TEST”!

10. Schema Validator throws errors or doesn’t show a Schema. What should I do?

In this case, you can try to regenerate the Schema by clicking on the “Save and add the code!” button. Also, other apps or theme settings may cause Schema errors. Anyway, feel free to send us a message if you need help or advice: support@get-great.site

11. What do I need to do when changing themes?

The Schema will be added to your site’s active theme. If the theme is changed, click “Save and add the code!” one more time to add the Schema again.

12. Do I need a manual installation of the app?

Schema installs automatically on the site’s active theme by clicking the “Save and add the code!” button. In some rare cases, you will need a manual installation. In this case, send us a message: support@get-great.site

13. Which reviews apps does this app support?

This app is integrated with the following apps:




We are working on adding more integrations with reviews apps. 

Please note that if you want to integrate this app with a reviews app from the list, you need to install the chosen reviews app.

14. Does this application create backups before work?

This app creates a theme.liquid backup before adding the first Schema code. You will be able to restore your old theme.liquid code if necessary.

15. How can I contact the app developer?

For all questions, write an email to support@get-great.site. We are happy to hear from you!

Please note: If you are contacting technical support about an error, indicate the approximate time of the error.