Must the website be 100% similar to a design mockup?

The designer from your team may require from you or your programmer a 100% match of the website to their mockup. But is it as necessary as they say?

A professional designer works hard on the site mock. They check all dimensions and spacing carefully. It is important to use the same proportions, grid, font sizes, etc. This impacts the perception of the site by a user: it is much more pleasant to look at straight lines, correct grid, and composition.

However, there is no need to create a pixel-perfect HTML code. During the work, the result may be a bit different on other screens, and it may be hard to make a website 100% similar to the design. A programmer may spend a lot of time and don’t achieve the result.

 It is still important to make all distances and compositions the same, but sometimes a coder may make some minor changes according to his experience. This depends a lot on the site responsiveness, form validation issues, etc. 

Anyway, the site still must look neat, clean, and accurate 🙂

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