How to distinguish a high-quality design from a low-quality one?

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A good resource for designer inspiration: best website design

If you are in the process of choosing a designer for your website or application, you may have already seen how many designers are ready to offer you their services. But how to choose a designer, which will provide you with the best quality design?

Here are the simple steps you can do to estimate the designer’s quality of work, even if you are choosing a designer for the first time:

Fonts harmony

The font sizes on the site should be appropriate for their purpose. The headings should be the largest, the subheadings should be smaller, and the font of the body text should be at least half the size of the heading. 


fonts harmony
The headline is the largest, the subheadings are smaller, the body text is the smallest
no fonts harmony
The subheadings are too small

The designer also shouldn’t use too many different font sizes for the website.


God fonts
Looks clear and neat
Bad fonts
Looks messy

The correct hierarchy of font sizes allows your website visitor to determine the importance of information, and after that, the visitor will feel comfortable.

Text alignment

Small phrases and headings can be center-aligned, but the main text can only be left-aligned. (Or right-aligned for right-to-left languages.)


Left align
Reading is pleasant and convenient
Center align
Reading is difficult

Free space or “overweight”?

There should be enough space between text and images for comfortable reading. Free space will never spoil the design of the site, but only highlight the necessary information.

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